How to install Vagrant and VirtualBox on Ubuntu Linux 18.10

In this post, I would like to cover the procedure how to install Vagrant and VirtualBox for managing a virtual machine in Ubuntu Linux 18.10. A Vagrant is an automated tool for building and managing a virtual machine environment in a single workflow.  It provides an easy way to configure the disposable and portable environment for all kinds of users who want to create the easiest and fastest virtual environment within a short time.

Vagrant stands on any virtual environments provisioned by VirtualBox, Vmware, AWS, DigitalOcean and any other provider. Also, industry-standard provision tools such as shell scripts, Chef, or Puppet, can automatically install and configure software on the virtual machine.

I am a Linux guy, so the information provided in this blog will be specific to Linux Command. Having said that, I will give a link if you are running a different type of system.

As this post is a Linux specific, Make sure you have sudo or root privileges to install Vagrant and VirtualBox.

Let’s get started.  Vagrant can be installed in two ways. You can use either the run apt-get install command in Ubuntu Linux or download the binary package from the Vagrant download site.

with that said, apt-cache show vagrant command shows a vagrant version 2.0.2 from the Ubuntu distribution repository.

Since I would like to use the latest release, I have downloaded the latest vagrant release from the Vagrant download page.  if you are Linux users, you can use the wget command to download the packages or move your mouse over to the Vagrant download page and download the version according to your type of system.

After finishing the download, use the command below to install the Vagrant package.

Now, run the command displayed below to verify the installation.

Wow! we have successfully installed a Vagrant 2.2.2 on the Ubuntu Linux 18.10.

Next, let’s install a VirtualBox to manage a Virtual machine using Vagrant. I prefer to use the latest release of a VirtualBox instead of providing from the Ubuntu distribution. Use the wget command to download the latest version from Virtual Box download page.

Here, Just follow the same procedure used for installing Vagrant

In case, you happen to face any issues while installing VirtualBox due to dependency packages, please install the dependency package first and run the above command again.

if you have installed the VirtualBox successfully, you should be able to see VirtualBox screen once you enter the below command.

To check the version that you have installed properly, go to help menu and click About VirtualBox.

Fantastic! We have successfully installed Vagrant and VirtualBox on Ubuntu Linux 18.10.

In case, you face driver issue, please run the command displayed below to re-install dkms.

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