Kubernetes: Phases of a Pod

Kubernetes pod has a couple of phases where pod behaviour would change according to each phase. This would help us to identify the issue when pod stucks to create. The following are those possible values.

  • Pending: The Pod has been accepted by the Kubernetes system, but one or more container images have not yet been created. The wait time includes the time to schedule the Pod and the time to download the image over the network, which may take some time.
  • Running: The Pod has been bound to a node and all the containers in the Pod have been created. At least one container is running or is in a startup or restart state.
  • Succeeded: All containers in the Pod are successfully terminated and will not be restarted.
  • Failed: All containers in the Pod have been terminated, and at least one container has terminated due to a failure. That is, the container exits with a non-zero state or is terminated by the system.
  • Unknown: The status of the Pod cannot be obtained for some reason, usually because communication with the host where the Pod is located fails.


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